About Us

Rebels Mark is a jewelry and accessories company for the dreamers, the doubters, and the rebels. We seek to fulfill your inner wild child, still your inner critic, and bring life to the most genuine version of yourself.

We know it's not an easy task. We also know it's worth it to try. Seriously, can you imagine a world in which women stop comparing and doubting themselves? Where nobody spends their days thinking: "I can't pull that off" or "It looks better on her?" Where we cut the bullshit, come together, strengthen one another, and pursue our true confidence, boldness, and passions??

We know how it sounds. It's like meeting Bradley Cooper's younger, equally as attractive, yet kind-hearted-single-and-did-we-mention-interested brother. It's like finding that pair of shoes you've been eyeing for a month sporting a 50% off sticker... in your size. It's like a negative calorie stop to Taco Bell. It's absolutely unreal. Only, we don't think it's unreal at all. We think it's possible, and also incredibly necessary.

Rebels Mark began with the intention of bringing together simultaneously simple and bold accessories to help women feel and look amazing. We believe every woman has the ability to “pull off” the styles she likes. It just takes strength and confidence to be bold and take chances. Oh, and the right products don't hurt, either. :) 

That's why all of our products are intentionally named after strong, independent, beautiful, influential, and badass women that chose to devote their lives to making a difference in the world around them. This is done to remind YOU to have the strength to do and wear what you love. 

So, join the rebellion, because history wasn't made by playing it safe.